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JazzPlayer is our innovative 4-track music player that gives YOU full control of the mix of your backing tracks. Each instrument (KEYBOARD, BASS, GUITAR, DRUMS) has its own channel, so you can get exactly the sounds you want.

PLEASE NOTE: JazzPlayer is compatible with iOS 11 but we will not be posting any future updates.

Visit our AppTracks page to see our current selection of JazzPlayer backing tracks.

First time visitor to PlayJazzNow? Our jazz play-along tracks will help you improve your jazz chops, no matter what level you are or what instrument you play.

Don't settle for MIDI or any other cheesy mechanical tracks. Our backing tracks feature LIVE musicians - always have, always will.

We offer hundreds of downloadable mp3s featuring jazz progressions (like turnarounds, blues, "rhythm" changes etc) and tracks based on the chord changes of classic jazz standards.

Visit our MAIN SITE to access these high quality, innovative play-along tracks. Please note that you must use our AppTracks to take full advantage of JazzPlayer's 4-channel mixing capabilities.

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