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JazzPlayer is the iOS version of our 4-track music player that gives YOU full control of the mix of your backing tracks. Each instrument has its own channel, so you can change the volume or mute any instrument(s) to get the exact sound you want. And of course, JazzPlayer is FREE!

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JazzPlayer uses our new backing tracks format called AppTracks. Each title contains 4 instrument channels - KEYS, BASS, DRUMS and GUITAR. (Yes, we've now added GUITAR into the mix for a more complete rhythm section sound.)

JazzPlayer also plays our huge catalog of mp3 tracks - and you can pull up the chord chart right inside the app!


Each instrument has its own channel and you control the VOLUME of each one. You can MUTE (M button) one or more instruments and control the overall MASTER volume.

Grab your copy of the JazzPlayer Mobile App and get a FREE download of Blues Shuffle AppTrack from our collection of CONTEMPORARY GROOVE APPTRACKS.

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Watch this brief video demonstrating how JazzPlayer works.

There's also a desktop version JazzPlayer for Windows and Mac OSX. You can use all of the AppTracks you purchase on either platform. Have a look at the desktop app HERE.

Have more questions about the JazzPlayer app or AppTracks? Visit our FAQ page.

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We offer hundreds of downloadable mp3s featuring jazz progressions (like turnarounds, blues, "rhythm changes" etc) and tracks based on the chord changes of classic jazz standards.

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